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The Commission Sharer - The #1 Reward & Bonus Site For Information Products

Let’s get one thing clear; the concept of commissions is not a new thing in any way - out there in the ‘offline world’ for many years the cities have been full of companies like insurance brokers and mortgage brokers and so on, all receiving money for introducing their client to whichever company they buy their product from. In recent years this has cascaded into the online world, via comparison sites, review sites and other recommendatory pages.

Over the last few years there has been a marked increase in both the popularity of reward sites and information products, and we thought that 2011 was the perfect time to marry the two and launch the Commission Sharer, which we believe to be the first (and will strive to be the best) large scale reward site for the purchase of information products.

We aim to grow our company by building a reputation of being ethical and honest and by treating our staff, members, customers and suppliers with the respect that they deserve. We are not aiming for short term profits, but rather to grow a popular website with a great reputation.

We are based in the UK, but due to the way the internet brings ‘the world to your doorstep’ we can easily fulfil your reward claims by shipping out from a company located in your own country (we will typically use Amazon as the supplier for the rewards). We hope that by using such a reputable global merchant you will put your faith in us to deliver, whether you live in the UK, USA or Outer Mongolia!

We’d like to say thanks for coming to the site, even if it’s just for a look around, and hope that you’ll recommend us to your friends or come back to buy through us when the day arrives that you want one of the products.

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